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Pig also of litter No. which received virus only died

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very far beyond what they have ever been the Medical Officers

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ing for insurance our statistics justify us only in speak

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application of the mind astringent articles of medicine stimulating

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chemical constituents of the nerves which lead from

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an aspect but look as if they had been asphyxiated.

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her for a domestic life and expressed his conviction that

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to the constant vomiting she has retained no nourish

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Dr. Takaki s advice gave thymus to a patient suffering from an extremely

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tried including the most powerful local astringents

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introduced into that of one a little older will cause

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ful but he would not think the material suitable for

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ing all movements of the chest intensify it. When this neu

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The term is applied also to all pathological produc

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to Major George H. Torney surgeon in charge of hospital

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following numbers of cases of acute infectious disease

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storing away these memories and for related psychological processes of

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Enlargement of the mesenteric glands and fatty degeneration of the liver

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going such a relaxation of severity at such periods as to acquire a

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ed as a recognized routine procedure. It may be well to point out

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revelation in view of the necessarily diffuse transmis

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of the space prepared for it. with sutures inserted close

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their practice of eating only cooked food and drink

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disturbances in the functions of any organs. Restoration of the

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had coughed up a few hours before. The reporter con

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the dryness of the throat and pain in deglutition which are characteristic

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Especinlly t liaracteristic of pya uiui is ihe develapnient of thminbosis of the

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at first deposited the bacilli only in the area of their distribution or

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mained some masses in contact with the bones and tendons.

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salvage may be expected. A swelling that cannot be ex

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considerable tension and strain or the arterial coat is

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gastrointestinal tract and lungs and may be excreted

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had long since passed away. Such illnesses may have

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interdigital spaces the thighs and scrotum. Finally the

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polynuclear giant cells. The latter are generally less regular in out

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and when the prominence of the scapula and the angles of

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essay on the Rest Cure is instructive and practical is

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not much room for improvement in the use which we make of our

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