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in the right ovary and also that the spermatozoa had entered

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respiratory or reflex the heart at the same time continuing to beat.

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A meeting of the Executive of the Canadian Public Health

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the natural and physical sciences. During our trip to

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fell in the same regions. There is a tendency to incline

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of acute cholecystitis rather to the surprise and re

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apparently the result of scarlatina at the age of three. The granular

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should be boiled and lubricated with an aseptic material.

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friction of a hypertrophied heart l ut these thickenings which resemble

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need be said about the albumin but what has already found jilace. It

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tube was removed in the hope that the necessity for its pre

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for the report of the special committee on veterinary college Investigation and

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the right scapular region there is decided dulness. A

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tion or in relation to their radical cure and comparative

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in the bottom of the pleural cavity. As this fluid was apparently not

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moved. Microscopic examination showed the growth to be

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cerebral irritation is usually easy when the fontanelle is

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eases. Endocarditis and like complications of general

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roxysm. With the same view preparations of ammonia may be held

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Immediately after the application of the bromine an emollient

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the abortion. There w as a possibility that infection had been

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The mechanical action is entirely antero i osterior.

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to small intestine before removal from the body. Upper flap found to be

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infundibulum of the pulmonair artery in several instances.

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vary in severity with the climate being more fatal in

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of Pathology and Practice of Medicine in the Medical

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massaee. combined with arsenic and strychnine. Gazette

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duces hyperglycemia. There is also no doubt that the nervous system

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should be confined to bed. An abundance of nourishment by support

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unequal development it would hardly explain the asym

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of either the lymphatics or the blood vessels. Unna stands alone in

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Pericarditis while it is rather unusual and the least frequent



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