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cated by the necessity for preventing the zinc solution run

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such Alliance shall be submitted for action to the next

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feel that the amount of separation was any index as to

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ing each case by itself and using your own judgment

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animals with symptoms varying according to the species.

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ounces of powdered vegetable charcoal. After evapo

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worry which this occasioned him. There is no change in the aneurism.

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MOKBID ANATOMY. There are no cadaveric lesions which can be

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the cells do not lie in the ordinary rouleux of shed

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Counsel for defendant invites attention to the case of Smith vs. Lane

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Mongol brains examined by him were all of fair size for

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symptom. A hematuria or nose bleed for instance may be the only

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malignant head catarrh. It is sometimes seen in animals

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tion is fully restored all disturbance ceases and when the patient has

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into a hydrocele cyst it will often effect a radical

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tion of acid in the organism it seems probable that

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dually narrower the uppermost and the bracts linear lanceolate.

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position of torsion. A wetted strand of catgut as a

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early operation on.arly symptoms was responsible tor

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thiazide on the hypotensive action of mecamylamine and

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ditions in the highest degree destructive to the brain



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