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required of all premedical students. The instruction includes

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West Indies as well as one division of Guiana belong to

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Reserve will treat you for a small amount of your time. An Army

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phy of Germany. There can also be little doubt that

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and on every foot six toes four and twenty in number and

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Turner refers to this possibiUty in his paper in the Journal of Anat.

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ena were imjK lled to scientific action. At the time when the

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of books that pay best their intrinsic merits being disregarded. He

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by the administration of creosote was first brought to

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occurs in young adult males but age and se.x appear tc.

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the onset of labor. This might be accomplished by the

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cystitis and tubercular peritonitis. I believe it is usually pre

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Such were the results of the examination made for the

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vous equilibrium is many times simply a matter of right living.

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Sir William Church whose speech at another society I

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removed when some of the grafts could be seen through the gutta

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