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often surmised that the sinuses of old scrofula are likewise the seat of

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its resulting hookworm disease protect against mos

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coloured frothy pultaceous and copious. The patient at first feels

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reaching than had been anticipated by its most sanguine

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a fibroid condition of the organ is produced. Later

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eagerly sought after and prosecuted and whereas among those

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of the stomach. The vessels of the intestines were very much

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Proteins. The three proteins constantly found in milk are casein

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two classes and it is set forth in full detail in the

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as in the other cases. We have here then an involve

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undergoes a complete change. There are loss of appetite gastric

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the administration of phosphate of lime has often proved most

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does not play a part in thi form of idiocy. The congenital

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Phthisis Depression and Nervous Debility Adynamia Malarious Cachexia etc.

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as liaison agents for local Army hospitals in which Air Force personnel were

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sick ones indeed in many instances it will have served its purpose

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false angina our knowledge of the essential causes of the

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auricles two possibilities exist it may spread uniformly over the

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alone it can be safely practised for these ail surgeons will under

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be sometimes successful are opium given in lar e duses aeointc

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it produces but does not make it possible to decide

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tinuance of dry weather. There is not much water there and

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chronic form the former causing death in ten days or less while

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the cervical portion where mobility is still preserved to a moderate degree.

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cases simulating Landry s paralysis the bulbar or pontine form

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the wound nor the removal and exposure of the intestines them

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University Medical School with the collaboration of



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