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and the method of determining the value of antiseptics and germi

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Tait in England operated on several patients for the

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of such books as this to include among their pages some remark.s

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a case the incomplete account of which suggests that it was cere

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Dr. Porro in the Milan Riot. A cablegram gives the fol

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eral character of the work is sufficiently well known from the pre

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head regardless of the struggles of the acutely diseased animal.

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opinions have been entertained which may be divided into three classes.

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large and are moderately painful particularly on movement. Pain

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of tlie epidermis surrounding the vesicles or pustules. The pustules

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general paralysis we do not find the same tremors or contractures and the

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movement. There is naturally some loss of strength and the muscles are

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are present. Lycopodium has in addition to the symptoms

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wrote of North Carolina. They built large fires and cooked the

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erythema nodosum. It was also isolated from a cervical gland

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knowledge of the real capabilities of this method of treatment

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chlorinated soda lotion. After two days the binder was

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Similar cases are recorded. It is here. Gentlemen that inconti

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the lower end of the oesophagus may be enormously enlarged producing

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remove the eye from the orbit and a little difficulty was experienced.

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Anatomical diagnosis. General encephalitis of the whole cerebellum

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three possible paths of entry for infection by contig

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and there start secondary changes similar to those which

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excellently adapted group of people. Sheldon never clearly defines his criteria for

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the application of the ligatures but is merely shut off se

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changes such as the loss of pseudopodia and of the distinction

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though the pains lasted off and on for three days when they

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