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bismuth and tribromophenol bismuth are indicated. In the cases

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fix with heat and stain in the usual way for tubercle bacilli.

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hypersensitiveness to tuberculous toxins. She showed

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Creosotal is the short name adopted recently for a so called creosote

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During the recent period of disaster and havoc ordinary events

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Diagnosis. A low specific gravity and the absence of sugar in the urine

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by the writer. They may be described as chromatolysis of the cells these

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those grave cases where embolic plugging occurs. All three of the above

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reported. The cases collected during the year are briefly tabulated

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part between the thyroid and first ring of the trachea.

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provided it contain also the requisite elements for prolonged nutrition.

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scurvy often treading in the footsteps of devastating wars for in all

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quires the prolonged action of heat tor its entire expulsion even in the

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three theories advanced none of them had been verified.

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