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good success and the latter not. The ray in passing through
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of insomnia in a large immber of cases and afterwards deals with
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Hrematine has strong affinities for oxygen also for
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will meet with a favoraljle response from the com iauie
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armies of the Old World. We make no exception in this
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tion and in he was nominated for Vice President by the Free
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arteries equal in intensity on the two sides infra mammary
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certain number of cases the discovery of the bacilli
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many thousand facts are deducible which without any new
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vincing proof that they are indeed fully satisfied.
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ulcer healing in the course of a week or two but should
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mehveiss was so derided and ridiculed by the physi
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tom it is severe in the dry form and usually paroxysmal. It
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the lower one. This can be shown by a piece of sen
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investigation into the careers of a group of students
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iu fact his evidence varied impoitiuitly from that of tbe pUdntifl and
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His character was marked by great practicality and directness.
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has been ravaged by both. These two diseases in the same summer
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Metatarsalgia. Thomas Gr. Morton s painful affection of the fourth
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proaching mental weakness. At this period the apoplectiform
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that we would not have to destroy fetal life in our efforts
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ing osteitis to a high degree there were no indications
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a year. During this period the ocular symptoms were quiescent
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the cerebral hemispheres and patients so affected are found
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great abdominal tension it occurred to me that the fol
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oxidation explained the suppression of bile and urine while in the case
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In one dog in which was placed a fetus two and one half
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portio dura consequent on disease of the ear many years
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that in twisting vessels in the intercostal spaces after removal of the
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vertebral column in an infant of eight months the distance is only. cm.
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impressions from without. All recollection of the past is commonly
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mortem they are found to be surcharged with thick yellow matter
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payment if necessary of an additional sum as it is to admit the
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