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sider the fundamental importance of tliese sciences for the study of medi

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layer of tissues and yet not interfere with the heal

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of perished fires. And while speculative pathology is not to be encour

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Entrance yeaf man yet tQ have h j s eye.teeth cut swells with

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When fome very politic prince does a great thing without declaring

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As the disease was very frequent both in town and country

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moderately severe ones had been treated with a dress

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Th ing that we know that the pancreas has much to do

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proved more fatal than in Liverpool and nearly double as fatal as in

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of its recent meetings l y Prof. J. Burdon Sanderson

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The former taking for guide in the study of natural science observa

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nature has completed the restoration of the nerves the muscles will

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aged seven years. The swelling had been present since

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the ilium was abraded injected and smeared witli mucus and

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of sphenoid bone and cervical vertebrse. Westminst.

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not been made acquainted with them. In my opinion this is

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by European statistics markedly to influence the number of

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objectivje signs of pneumonia have come to us from the earliest medical

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who had recurrent hemorrhages five or six months after

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taken place. Fatty metamorphosis of the papillary muscles is also to

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to every industry by our parental government is not given in this

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disturbances iu its blood circulation this enlargement

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vice to the students on their commencing their year of study

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the present time the most powerful obstacles in the way of such

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found in the serum of pregnant women suffering from

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nausea vomiting palpitation and dyspnoea. T herapeutiscke Monatshe te

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checked the new aqueduct from the Catskills which is costing

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serious and sometimes hard to manage on account of their

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droops the ears. In the second stage little places of will become

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about the chin an incision about two inches in length was

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the nervous system. The plentitude of the ages yet to

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ness of the lower turbinate as well as of the tubercle of

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there is difficulty of swallowing or much enlargement about the

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ery. During adolescence the symptoms gradually lessened

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tractions of the stomach following close upon one another which

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imbrication of the epidermoid lamellae is very obvious in fishes and rep

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On the day of the first record th I learned that he had

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