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it is invariably of benefit. Electricity may be used
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tract also of the brain and its coverings. This is best
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was under ray inspection. The anterior chamber was full of clotted
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danger of other measures being quite thrust out. And
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vial intended as reservoir for containing the supply
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interesting as referring to the first case of Glanders which appears to
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obtrude my remarks respecting a treatment that has received such
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The leaves of Arctostaphylos Uva ursi Spreng. Nat ord Uricacece a
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of nerves i view which excludes the idea even of a really
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A isits to the wards of Velpeau Nelaton Roux and other great clinical
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of Copenhagen states that leprosy is widely dissem
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logies in the inferior animals. The basihyal he will per
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after three or four weeks if few after about seven weeks. The
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For radical cure of cystocele The patient is placed
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slight melancholy entirely causeless had spoken about
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in dilating the stricture to this extent and during such
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eration and cloudiness of tin rcte cells with subsequent
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conditions is important with reference to the treatment. He
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parturition and later through contact with litter from licking
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the lungs should be carefully examined each day particularly in children and
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the use of salt solutions in rectal injections in order to re
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mal and function of skin normal and although apparently very
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pure undefiled religion should be enlisted to strengthen self respect



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