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The symptoms of syphilitic hepatitis are usually com

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product when the chemical poison already prepared outside the body is

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than hinders auscultation of their lungs for we thus

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ness on percussion in the interlobular variety is very circumscribed. Both

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si ravag e quelques imprecations g nereuses centre ces An

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approach of winter. In one place a nodule had broken down leaving

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The story of the latest and most remarkable episode in the history

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double syphilitic hydro arthritis of the knee joints. He

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from five to six feet. In females the cajiacity of the reviews

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answer the purpose of an injection. In severe cases of

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sons were attacked of whom died. In Milostaw the cases

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mistake them for abscesses. At these spots on microscopical exami

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important point which I have never heard mentioned except in connection

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specific degenerations precede the diabetes it is useful when

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fallacy of his suspicion. We say intelligently because it was

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Avas positive while in per cent of such cases the Wassermann

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question of the safety of an anaesthetic should be pri

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a recent series by Dr. Lower comprising over cases shows an immediate

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litres a des fuites fr quentes et Tenvoya finalement mourir

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be followed by irrigation with salt solution or with one

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to procure believes that aqueous solutions of starches

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should be given for a week or ten days after which it may

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bone. Profuse salivation a foul breath that once earned for the con

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body elected by and representative of the medical prac

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leads him to conclude that deflections are due as a rule to trauma.

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exceed this weight from the presence of disease such as ascites or abdominal

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vazione clinica autopsia esame istologico. Gazz. inter

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conditions rheumatism gout specific fevers tubercu

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coolants ethyl chloride spray. Chemical packs are a re

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some cases curative effect has been very marked. In no case

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enterprising management of the FORTNIGHTLY. Oklahoma Medical Journal.

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feel it incumbent upon us however to suggest etc. The report

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tions of tissue should be removed for examination and

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We are again at bsue with Dr. Routh when he asserts that

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to the discussion of this sort of legislation viz. its inequality and the

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