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a poison. This principle should be adhered to not sim
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ume the importance of the mechanical dietetic climatic
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old tuberculin are placed on the skin of the front of
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within the first six hours of the history of strangulation and after twelve
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breathing and cough. As to epilepsy though we have much to
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developed on a basis of chronic alcoholism they usually
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post mortem cx.amination. An inquest was held and nn ex
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found that the above method of immunization produced a
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Mr. Chairman Members of the North CaroHna Medical Society
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Service has done and is doing an admirable work. Through
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rine parietes by the contractions of the latter the idea
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reflexes etc. supervene. Increasing viscidity of the blood also retards
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and in consequence was not distinguishable by an ordinary
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the relation between the waves of the pulse and the
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ence of tubercle bacilli in the milk and feces of appar
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blood vessels are supplied and the growth continues and results
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valent cations have a very powerful attraction for water which we
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the tumor is thus exposed secured with a pointed hook or forceps
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morning and evening and stimulating embrocations liniments which I have
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surprisingly little inconvenience they give the pa
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eight per cent of the total population is transmiss
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gers. Its formula is NEt OH It is not decomposed by the
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that when he had first begun to study this subject it was
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ihi.Hc pigs Nos. and were evidently artially immune and
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College of Surgeons to know how much Jledicine a Surgeon
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he was not a great operator he did not like operating enough to
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extent and diffusion of the pcricarditic sounds in the two other
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Symptoms. The important symptom of meteorism or tympanites is
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A Case of Acute Digitalin Poisoning Recovery. By F.
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significance must be attributed to the numerous observations
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recovery. Being very much surprised at this intelligence I made
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fess to follow the illanean system as Dr. Tilbury Fox s
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