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2. Painftd scirrhiu, sometimes called ocadt oancer; and 3. Ulcerated on

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Committee on Revision of the Pharmacopeia of the American

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a better surface for pressure, the pads slipping less when once

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The value of these signs will doubtless be tested by intelligent

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(for the reasons given above), we should expect that prevention of

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seat of origin of the disease. In some cases the disease is ushered in

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Teevan then examined patient with a lithotrite, and found a

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because he has confidence in the firm who makes it, and in the name by which the

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theria prevails in several of the boroughs in Delaware county.

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ORFYTN TSNNir '^ ^^^ ^^^^ form for administering the new Stomachicum Orexin,

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These three cases had all come under his observation

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1810 to 1814, both inclusive.* Among a great variety of cases, I have

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pruritus. It may affect different parts of the body, and last for several

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Compound wine of comfrey. Fluid extract comfrey, f. fi.

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medium is determined by the presence or absence of sugar; it be-

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ered later on. We have also learned, from Flechsig's researches,

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serum discharged from the blister must be continually

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Med. Zeitung for 1831. Purkinje and Raschkow are quite opposed to

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strychnine and laxatives until the bowels were thoroughly

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all fractures of the arm ; indeed, in forearm as well as

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Traitement de I'epilepsie par le bromure de potassium

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efficient naval Medical service may prove in the end anything

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whose skull had appeared to be firmly united, but in whom at the time of

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2. " That Mr. Brown has amputated the clitoris entirely on

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discharge of coffee- coloured fluid from the air passages. The

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of the case, with regard to stimulus, must be left to the physician, who

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spread, and pestilential mortality ; exotic, but threatening to become natural-

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